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10 “Ignorant” Style Tattoo Design Ideas

10 “Ignorant” Style Tattoo Design Ideas

You might have stumbled on an individual — IRL or on social media — with a selection of seemingly random scribble-like tattoos on their arms and legs, like a lovable dolphin, a slice of pizza, a flower, a random sentence — or all of the earlier mentioned. This patchwork design and style of ink is known as “ignorant”, and it’s a tattoo development beloved by celebs like Harry Models, Dua Lipa, and Emma Chamberlain.

Ignorant type tattoos are very simple patterns that frequently glimpse like doodles. The additional you can scatter throughout your system, the superior. According to Kasia, a resident artist at Superior Hopes Tattoo in Bushwick, Brooklyn, this form of tat is thought to get inspiration from the ’90s-era graffiti artist Fuzi, who to begin with introduced the scrawling artwork to the streets just before expanding to the globe of physique artwork.

Ignorant tats are a purposeful action away from additional regular designs, like traditional, realism, or new school. In contrast to stunning portraiture or hyper-serious photographs, “ignorant design and style tattoos are considerably simplistic in character,” states Aja-Noelle Poe, a tattoo artist with Ephemeral. “They never have actual shading and are generally manufactured up of crude line function or basic line do the job.” And that’s absolutely the issue.

Rather than discrete placements like guiding the ear, ignorant tattoos appear finest when they are out in the open. “I normally see them in spots that are in basic look at, like the arms, neck, legs, thighs,” Poe tells Bustle. “Sometimes they are on the ribs, but people mostly want them to be noticeable to clearly show them off and have them serve as a dialogue starter.” Retain scrolling for a closer search at the human body artwork development which is getting off in 2023.


Blend ‘N Match

The ignorant model pokes entertaining at the strategy that tattoos have to be super meaningful, Poe suggests. If you like a individual drawing or sense like having tattooed on a random Tuesday, that’s enough of a motive to get some ink. This sleeve pairs random styles like a radish, a snake, and residences for a appear which is thoroughly unique.


Animal Love

Poe notes that you could also decide for a solitary ignorant-type drawing, like this whimsical bunny surrounded by florals. “It actually is dependent on your temper and the type of image you want to set out,” she says.



Poe notes that her purchasers typically start with 1 ignorant-design and style tat and then instantly ask for far more to produce a “patchwork” sleeve consisting of multiple parts of art. “They come to be like a storyboard,” she claims.


Random Words

Phrases, cheesy mottos, random rates, and self-aware messages all tumble into the ignorant tat category. “I’ve witnessed a hilarious tattoo that explained ‘this is not a tattoo’ or a person that just mentioned ‘deep and meaningful’,” Poe claims. She’s also experienced customers occur in with a sentence a friend wrote on a serviette as inspo.


Surreal Drawings

The finest thing about ignorant tattoos? They run the gamut from wacky and scribbly to straightforward and fairly. You could entirely get a foolish cartoon suitable next to a lovely line work tattoo — the much more random, the improved.



Spacing also does not make a difference with this craze. If you’d like to layer your ignorant tats or cram them up coming to a single a different, do it — there’s no suitable or erroneous way to rock this design of ink. And your artwork doesn’t automatically have to “go” together — just appear at this collection of Matisse-like dancers and words and phrases layered appropriate on leading.



This tat exhibits off an alien’s perspective with a scrawling of “humans are weird” subsequent to a very simple hand-drawn extraterrestrial.


Humorous Art

Bear in mind, there is practically nothing severe about ignorant tattoos. If you’re struck with a enjoy on words and phrases, envision a surrealist scene, or are triumph over with the wish to tattoo a bowl of soup on your leg, go for it. With this pattern, everything goes.



Just take inspo from a tat like this just one that functions a person term and a cartoon-like drawing that signifies that phrase, and voila: You have received an ignorant tattoo.



Commence with a staple tattoo design that you love, like a classic floral, and convert it into an ignorant-design piece of human body art by generating it scribbly and adding a phrase or estimate of your liking.


Kasia, resident artist at Higher Hopes Tattoo

Aja-Noelle Poe, tattoo artist with Ephemeral