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35 Free Directed Drawing Activities for Kids

35 Free Directed Drawing Activities for Kids

Regardless of your artistic abilities, you can still help your students improve their own artistry thanks to directed drawing activities. They walk you through the process step-by-step so anyone can create their very own masterpiece. Teachers often lead the session by drawing on the whiteboard or chart paper while students follow along. Although there are a ton of good options for instructional videos, a favorite of ours is the Art for Kids Hub on YouTube—they have hundreds of videos spanning all interests. Here are some of our favorite free directed drawing activities for kids. Grab your favorite art supplies and get creative!

1. Fancy Flowers

Abstract flowers outlined in black and colored with markers - Directed Drawing

Draw these simple flowers, then fill them in with markers or colored pencils to personalize them.

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2. Baby Yoda

Simple marker drawing of the character known as Baby Yoda, The Child, and Grogu

Whether you call him Baby Yoda, The Child, or Grogu, he’s bound to be one of your most popular directed drawing activities!

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3. An Adorable Dog

a black outline of a dog is shown with a hand holding a marker drawing it. A finished version is in the background, colored in brown.

Kids will definitely love this easy-to-follow guide on how to draw a basic dog shape. With a few tweaks, they can personalize it to look like their favorite furry pal.

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4. Night Sky Owl

Simple owl and watercolor sketch with starry sky - Directed Drawing For Kids

First, kids draw these simple owls, then they add stars with white crayons. Finally, they use watercolors to add the finishing touches.

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5. Tree Frog

Side-by-side sketches of a colorful tree frog - Directed Drawing for Kids

Who doesn’t love a pop-eyed tree frog? The video guides you through each step of the process as you bring your funny frog friend to life.

Learn more: Art for Kids Hub: How To Draw a Tree Frog

6. Sloth

Simple crayon drawing of a sloth hanging from a tree

This cheery sloth is just hanging around, begging to be sketched and colored!

Learn more: Art Projects for Kids: How To Draw a Sloth

7. Simple Building

Text says How to Draw a Building for Kids. There is a simple tall building shown.

Regardless of your drawing ability, you can create a simple house or building like the one shown here just by using basic shapes. Artists can easily customize it to their liking by adding more windows, changing the shape, or choosing different colors.

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8. Robot

Marker sketch of a blue cartoon robot waving

Say hi to this happy robot, then learn how to create one of your own.

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9. Person

A tutorial is shown for how to draw a man. A hand is shown drawing the outline next to a finished, colored version.

Drawing people can be intimidating, but this tutorial simplifies things for beginner artists.

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10. Llama

Colorful drawing of a llama with pink hearts surrounding it. - Directed Drawing for Kids

Llamas are as popular as ever, so they make the perfect choice for directed drawing.

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11. Penguin

Simple crayon drawing of a penguin is in the background. A worksheet is on top of it that shows the steps for drawing the penguin. Some crayons are also pictured.

The free printable worksheet makes drawing this chubby penguin pal a snap.

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12. Happy Mug

Hands are shown holding a piece of paper that has a simple outline of a mug with a winking face drawn on it.

Since the weather is getting colder, why not warm up with this sweet and silly drawing of a mug winking?

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13. Elephant

Side-by-side simple crayon drawings of an elephant

Those pink ears! Everyone will want to learn how to sketch this playful pachyderm.

Learn more: Art for Kids Hub: How To Draw an Elephant

14. Chickadee

Simple crayon drawing of a chickadee bird. The background is divided into a blue sky and green grass and the entire page is colored - Directed Drawing for Kids

Check out chickadees at your local bird feeder, then learn how to draw them!

Learn more: Art Projects for Kids: How To Draw a Chickadee

15. Superhero

A superhero drawing stands with hands on hips, a mask, and a cape.

Since kids usually love superheroes, they will get a kick out of drawing their very own! There are plenty of tutorials on how to draw other superhero styles at the link below!

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16. Boo Bat

Simple bat sketch with shapes like triangles and half circles - Directed Drawing for Kids

We love that this adorable bat is mostly made up of basic shapes that every kid can master.

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17. Bunny

Cute drawing of a bunny with floppy ears and blue bow tie - Directed Drawing for Kids

This sweet bunny face is the perfect springtime art project.

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18. Pop Art Landscape

A colorful landscape is filled with bright colors and patterns.

Before drawing, give your little artists a brief overview of the Pop Art movement. Afterward, let them put the lessons into place in this fun landscape that includes bright colors and fun patterns.

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19. Humpback Whale

Crayon drawing of a humpback whale in a blue ocean

Studying the ocean? Try sea creature directed drawing activities, like this humpback whale.

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20. Pine Tree

Simple watercolor marker drawing of a pine tree in snow

The tree shape is simple, but markers diluted with water turn this into a truly pretty picture.

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21. Abstract Face

A drawing of a very brightly colored abstract face is shown. It covers the entire page.

This abstract face is so simple to draw yet provides so much opportunity for individuality and creativity. Follow the steps for the basic outline, then grab your favorite set of markers, paints, or colored pencils and fill the page with color!

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22. Lighthouse

Side-by-side drawings of a red and white lighthouse on a cliff by the sea

Turn on some soothing ocean sounds and sketch a serene shoreline scene.

Learn more: Art for Kids Hub: How To Draw a Lighthouse

23. Apple

Crayon drawing of a full apple, half apple, and apple slice

An apple a day … makes good drawing practice! We love that this activity includes both a whole apple and apple slices.

Learn more: Art Projects for Kids: How To Draw an Apple

24. Chick in Egg

Cartoon baby chicken inside half an eggshell - Directed Drawing for Kids

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? No need to decide with this directed drawing idea!

Learn more: How To Draw

25. Nintendo Switch

Text reads How to Draw a Nintendo Switch. It shows two drawings side by side of the video game controller.

While kids love video games, it is best for them to unplug from time to time and engage in some hands-on activities like drawing. We can’t think of something they would like to draw more than their beloved Switch!

Learn more: Art for Kids Hub

26. Rocket

Colored pencil sketch of a rocket in space with stars

Shoot for the stars when you learn how to draw this rocket headed for outer space.

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27. LEGO Man

A simple lego man is shown on one side colored in and a hand is shown drawing it on the other side.

Since kids love LEGO, what better drawing tutorial to try than this adorable LEGO Minifigure?

Learn more: DrawKidsDraw

28. School Bus

Watercolor picture of a smiling school bus - Directed Drawing for Kids

Here’s a terrific directed drawing activity for kindergartners when they start school. It will help them see the school bus as a friend!

Learn more: Proud To Be Primary

29. Dinosaur

Crayon drawing of a diplodocus with a blue sky, green grass, and a snow capped mountain in the background.

If you can draw curves, you can create this majestic dino. (Here’s a T. rex too!)

Learn more: Art Projects for Kids/How To Draw a Diplodocus

30. Pumpkin

Crayon sketch of a pumpkin with a smiley face - Directed Drawing for Kids

This joyful pumpkin would be especially cute during the fall but could be drawn any time of year!

Learn more: Natalie Lynn Kindergarten

31. Piggy

Simple drawing of a smiling cartoon pig

This pink porker is so darn adorable! That curly tail is the best part!

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32. Unicorn

Colorful side profile of a drawing of a unicorn head

Capture the magic of this sparkly creature with this surprisingly easy directed drawing idea.

Learn more: Whimsy Workshop Teaching: Draw a Unicorn

33. Santa Claus

Crayon drawing of Santa Claus

Need some quick Christmas decor? Have your class create a whole collection of Santas for the walls.

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34. Rainbow Chameleon

Crayon drawing of a rainbow-striped chameleon on a branch. The background is a blue sky and there is a yellow sun.

Drawing this chameleon is only half the fun—filling him in with vibrant colors is even better!

Learn more: Art Projects for Kids: How To Draw a Chameleon

35. Globe

A step by step tutorial on how to draw a globe is shown.

Ignite an interest in drawing and geography with this fun step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a globe. Although you can draw a realistic map of the world on your globe, you definitely don’t have to!

Learn more: I Heart Crafty Things

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