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Anna Weyant’s Uncanny Paintings Breathe New Life into Female Portraiture

Anna Weyant’s Uncanny Paintings Breathe New Life into Female Portraiture


Ayanna Dozier

Installation impression of “Anna Weyant: Newborn, It Ain’t Above Until It’s More than,” at Gagosian, 2022. Photo by Rob McKeever. Courtesy of Gagosian.

Anna Weyant’s paintings of ladies are at when pleasant and nonetheless surprisingly grotesque because of to the artist’s emphasis on voluptuous bodies and distorted facial expressions. Her paintings conjure figures reminiscent of ourselves but with an uncanny good quality.

In the 1980 reserve The Powers of Horror, scholar Julia Kristeva explained abjection as simultaneously alien to us but unusually familiar—not contrary to a monster or a human corpse, which can be recognized as both of those an person as nicely as some thing removed from us. Weyant’s paintings of abjection invite new examinations of femininity inside the historical media landscape that overemphasizes breasts and curves. Partaking with this iconography, she at at the time subverts it by way of figures that exist in surreal and uncanny environments.

The 27-year-aged painter is quickly rising as a leading expertise in the artwork earth. Born in Calgary, Canada, and at the moment based mostly in New York, Weyant received her BFA in portray from the acclaimed Rhode Island College of Design and style and a diploma from the China Academy of Art in Hangzhou. Her painterly design and style is a fashionable twist on the Baroque custom, following Dutch masters like Peter Paul Rubens, Rembrandt, and Judith Leysterwith a dash of influence from 20th-century artists like Balthus and John Currin.

Anna Weyant, Two Eileens, 2022. © Anna Weyant. Photo by Rob McKeever. Courtesy of the artist and Gagosian.

Anna Weyant, Sophie, 2022. © Anna Weyant. Image by Rob McKeever. Courtesy of the artist and Gagosian.

Weyant closes an amazing yr with her solo exhibition “Baby, It Ain’t About Till It’s Over” at Gagosian, which introduced representation of the artist this earlier May possibly. Independent from this achievement, her perform built a gargantuan splash on the secondary industry across the 3 key auction homes Phillips, Christie’s, and Sotheby’s for the duration of this year’s spring auctions in New York. At Sotheby’s “The Now” sale, her 2020 painting Falling Woman sold for $1.6 million, 8 times its higher estimate of $200,000.

“Baby, It Ain’t Above Till It’s Above,” on check out by means of December 23rd, performs with the idea of the double. Represented throughout Weyant’s paintings, the multiplication of her figures invitations a feeling of strangeness as fifty percent of the pair grimaces when the other smiles. These doubles—featured in unfastened apparel to display screen their typically voluptuous figures—trouble the impression and are reminiscent of the peculiarities of femininity that bleed into monstrosity. Right here, the horror is not a fanged creature, but is simply just somewhat what lurks beneath a “perfect” surface that produces a perception of abjection from the self.

Set up image of Anna Weyant, Two Eileens and Venus, 2022, in “Baby, It Ain’t Around Until It’s About,” at Gagosian, 2022. Image by Rob McKeever. Courtesy of Gagosian.

Choose the putting painting Venus (2022), which capabilities two gals of shade with very similar features, rendered in vivid browns. With one determine facing in the direction of the viewer and the other seeking away, this get the job done, like the painting Two Eileens (2022), makes use of the motif of doubling to participate in with familiarity and oddity. We are remaining to study no matter if the depicted figures are twins or possibly the exact personal current at various details in time, introduced collectively through the power of portray. Not as opposed to Jasper Johns’s use of the double throughout his oeuvre, Weyant distorts what is recognizable about a entire body and severs one’s feeling of self.

Showcasing domestic settings in a proscenium presentation, the Gagosian exhibition captures the intimacy of Weyant’s work. In the melancholic yet adoring nonetheless everyday living It Need to Have Been Really like (2022), a eating desk gets to be a room for wilting and blooming bouquets. The disquiet character of the painting is heightened by the perception that it is the only residing factor all around, not not like the nonetheless lifes of the Dutch tradition. Weyant’s modern day return to this instant reminds us of how unfamiliar or unaccustomed we have become with stillness in today’s technological age.

Set up image of “Anna Weyant: Infant, It Ain’t In excess of Till It’s More than,” at Gagosian, 2022. Picture by Rob McKeever. Courtesy of Gagosian.

The strangeness of Weyant’s domestic configurations can partially be defined by the natural environment in which the artist produces her work: her residing place, which she transformed into a studio above the previous yr. “One of the paintings was as well large to be stretched in my room,” she informed Artsy, “so I hung the raw canvas on the wall and allow the bottom roll on to the floor. That is how I worked on it.”

Weyant’s apartment studio contextualizes the privacy that frequently shrouds her function, although the act of painting will allow her to step outdoors of herself to modify or manipulate that intimacy. “I imagine we are most sensitive to, or most protective of, the areas of ourselves that we attempt to cover, the places wherever we sense shame—maybe in rage, grief, reduction of handle,” she reported. “There’s an intimacy, a tenderness or delicacy, in the place we are our most monstrous.”

Anna Weyant, It Have to Have Been Enjoy, 2022. © Anna Weyant. Picture by Rob McKeever Courtesy of the artist and Gagosian.

With her work large in desire throughout both key and secondary marketplaces, Weyant has undoubtedly taken off in the art environment. Even though her auction achievement is noteworthy, it is some thing that is abject to Weyant herself. “I come across it to be a bit surreal,” she explained. “The secondary market—it’s out of my hands. I’m not involved physically or emotionally.”

As her meteoric 12 months attracts to a shut, Weyant is previously starting to glimpse toward new get the job done in 2023. “I’m seeking forward to quiet, snowy portray days,” she said. No question, she will seek stillness in the new 12 months amid the art environment commotion bordering her practice.

Ayanna Dozier

Ayanna Dozier is Artsy’s Staff members Author.