February 21, 2024

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Monticello Opera House brings remembrance with powerful ‘Anne Frank’

Monticello Opera House brings remembrance with powerful ‘Anne Frank’

Maz Neamand and Aiko Austin attempt to portray the two sides of Anne Frank via her inspirational terms while reflecting on the truths of record in Monticello Opera House’s generation of “The Diary of Anne Frank,” opening April 21.

The Monticello Opera House is presenting "The Diary of Anne Frank," April 21-May 7, 2023.

Working towards remembrance

In a world exactly where ammunition and greed reign supreme, and persecution based on race, sexual identity, and religious beliefs actively threatens to be codified into law, how do we place the adage “never forget” into observe? Even though denied by some, horrific gatherings like the Holocaust are acknowledged as times when the entire world united to overcome evil.

Museums throughout the country task numbers like 6 million side by side overflowing piles of shoes and vacant suitcases to emphasize the sheer magnitude of atrocities fully commited by the Nazis against Jews, Poles, Czechs and other people. The Monticello Opera Property proposes that we can observe the act of respectful remembrance by narrowing the scope from the global to the particular and presenting it on a stage for anybody to see.