February 22, 2024

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The best drawing books in 2023

The best drawing books in 2023

The best drawing books can be a wonderful introduction to the art of drawing and a source of constant inspiration. Both for beginners and experienced pros, they can provide new ideas, reveal new techniques and offer hours of practice. Drawing books can also be a thoughtful gift for anyone interested in illustration and drawing, be it on paper or digital.

Whether you’re looking for basic advice and pointers or advanced detailed step-by-step walk throughs on particular subjects or effects, there’s bound to be a drawing book for you. With a decade writing about art and design behind us, we’ve had the opportunity to review lots of titles over the years, and many of our contributors have their own favourites. We’ve put that knowledge together to create this bumper compilation of the best drawing books that we’ve used over the years, from longstanding classics to newer publications, which are outlined below in no particular order.